Best Buy Table
Initial RateInitial PaymentReverting RateReverting PaymentTotal FeesTypeOverall Cost for Comparison
0.00%£333.385.44%£577.07£35Fixed4.3% APRC
1.39%£394.601.39%£394.60£1,007Variable1.5% APRC
1.40%£395.074.74%£547.59£1,264Fixed4.1% APRC
1.44%£396.933.74%£498.76£1,034Fixed3.3% APRC
1.49%£399.274.49%£534.77£1,499Fixed3.9% APRC
1.59%£403.974.29%£527.05£683Fixed3.7% APRC
1.62%£405.385.34%£577.66£1,200Fixed4.5% APRC
1.64%£406.553.74%£500.95£1,019Fixed3.4% APRC
1.64%£406.335.49%£587.60£999Fixed4.7% APRC
1.69%£408.933.75%£493.45£1,234Fixed3.1% APRC

This table is based on a property value of £200,000 and a mortgage secured against that property of £100,000 calculated on a capital repayment basis over 25 years.
Source: Mortgage Brain. This information was last revised on 19 Sep 2017 at 00:38 hours
Disclaimer: This information does not contain all of the details you need to choose a mortgage. Interest rates can fluctuate and this could affect the amount payable by yourself.